Welcome to JAC Eyelashes, Jaya Abadi Cemerlang or JAC Eyelashes is one of the top false eyelashes manufactures in Indonesia that focuses its business in providing false eyelashes for the fashion and cosmetic industry.

Every single eyelash we produce is a hand-made result of combining the best materials and profesionalism, making our products top quality.

Determined to always provide top products and services to our valued customers, we make innovation part of our culture to be able to present you with the latest trends and technology in false eyelashes industry. This makes us always ahead of competitors.

With our high-quality innovative products and competitive pricing, JAC Eyelashes is ready to support your business and future success

Beside mass production, we also provide other services such as :

  • Customized design

  • Private labeling and customized packaging

JAC Eyelashes was established in 2009 and today is one of the top false eyelashes manufacturers in Indonesia, focusing on exporting our products worldwide.

In running our business, we prioritize our customer's satisfaction and keep innovating to be able to provide them with the best products and service. We believe satisfied customer will remain as our main business source.

We also have no doubt that our employees are our assets. That's why a friendly working environment and a guarantee for their safety and health are truly important.

And as a company that continues to move forward, JAC Eyelashes never fails to fulfill its corporate social responsibility by always caring for the people's welfare and environment around.

This year, JAC Eyelashes will participate in the Cosmoprof 2017 that will be held in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, 15-17 November 2017.